12th Aug 2016, 12:00 AM
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LilyRose 12th Aug 2016, 12:00 AM edit delete
Chapter Five

As soon as she’s off the phone, Luna regrets having said yes. What was she thinking? She’s in no shape to deal with people, especially this mess of a fragmented family. Oh, damn. Luna’s the outsider, anyway; the one who stayed with Mom, hanging out with those freaks in Brooklyn while the rest of them played Brady Bunch on Long Island; Ro and Tony, Dad and Fiona, and Fiona’s little brood, Erin, Micheal and little Pete. The perfect ‘60's blended family. But Luna wasn’t there.

Is it important that she go, or is it important that she not go? Luna can tell when a decision has a lot of energies at play about it. She knows when a choice will result in major shifts. But her senses don’t tell her what direction each choice will lead. Sometimes things feel Karmic, but she still doesn’t understand exactly how. It’s like having a map, but not knowing which direction is North; either on the map, or in the world.

* * *

Luna rewinds the tape, hits Play, and listens. First; just the hiss of recorded silence. Then the voice; whispering, sometimes chanting, just beneath the hiss. It takes a while to hear it, but once you find it, then the voice increases every time you listen. She can never understand what it’s saying. But she listens to it, anyway.

She manages to get the work done, but she spends all the rest of her time listening to the voice on the tape.

* * *

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